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Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Michelle Chrzanowski visits Class and stays!

Last week Michelle Chrzanowski came in as our Olneyville Library Guest Artist and the kids gave her an assignment (involving prison and veggie police...etc.) and was so stoked to hang out with the kids that she'll be coming back on a more regular basis! Here are a few of her drawings from the Sketch Book Warm Up part of the class:
"Draw what I say": A refridgerator vampire flying over a city scape with Dove* the smoking bar of soap P.I. looking on in the background! *Character by Milly Nunez!
And "Draw what YOU say**": (Panel 1): An ape is boiling donuts. (Panel 2): A dragon comes into the donut place wanting to eat a whole ape. (Panel 3): The ape runs away. (Panel 4): The ape jumps onto a ship. (Panel 5): The ape meets a girl with a bow and arrow and the dragon is coming. (Panel 6): The girl shot an arrow at the dragon, but it broke the arrow. (Panel 7): The dragon bit out a chunk of the ship. (Panel 8): A Donut wakes up from a crazy nightmare! ** Draw what YOU say is the game where each person in the room gets to make up a panel of the comic, so everyone in the class draws basically the same comic!

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